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Quality is life
. Disinfectant is a product involving people's life and health. Guangwei knows the importance of product quality. Quality is not only a necessity for Guangwei's development, but also a responsibility.
All products in Guangwei have reached the national standard and have been approved by the Ministry of Health for production. In terms of quality control, Guangwei has always regarded quality inspection as the top priority. It has set up a quality control department specially, which monitors the whole process from raw material selection, processing technology monitoring, finished product testing and even packaging, and ensures product safety with strict quality control and inspection system. The company specially built the experimental center building, and strengthened cooperation with many scientific research institutes to establish long-term partnership. On the one hand, to strengthen the development and research of new products, on the other hand, to further improve the quality control system, using new standards and high standards to require their own products.
After years of development, Guangwei disinfectant has accumulated rich experience in the production and scientific research of disinfectant products, first-class testing instruments and research and development equipment, has GMP production line, and hired and trained a large number of professional research teams.
In recent years, Guangwei has continuously improved the quality testing standards, further extended the quality testing from the production and factory links, established a customer return visit system, and regularly solicited customer satisfaction with product quality and other aspects. In the latest (2009) interview, customer satisfaction reached 100%.

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